"Reading the's very good...what good times we had.  Your book's a real life history of a girl who wasn't afraid of the future.  You wanted something different...and you went for it...and got there."  Roy Harper

"Morgana thanks for a great read...and as you wrote in the front, the best memories of that moment in time.  LOVED IT!  Skip Allan - The Pretty Things

"Bought the book on Kindle.  Thanks for the mentions you naughty girl!  Jon Povey - The Pretty Things

“You kept a very good diary. Everything in it is one hundred percent TRUE!!”  Chuck Ruff - Edgar Winter band.

"The stories you told in your book brought back fond memories for me of the crazy fun times we had."  Bill Lordan – Sly and the Family Stone, Robin Trower

They are written with such brutal honesty, even when the truth was painful, you told it like it was and are very brave!

I have once thought that groupies were this... mindless confirming stupid, or would the proper word be submissive?, bunch of sex toys ready to be taken away to LaLa land.  But when i read your entries--which I must say took out the dull off my life here--I have this new perspective that these people, these girls...they could actually be full of sense, smart and just really one of the most awesome people you would be lucky to meet up with, and that would not only be because they have slept with a rock star here and there, so I guess I could blame you for giving me somewhat a little higher respect for those types of girls.

I thought it was excellent. An honest snapshot of amazing times that will probably never happen again. Have also just read Laurel Canyon, which features some of Morgana's story as well. Wild and magical...and surviving was nothing short of a miracle!

The Hollywood
Diaries were some of the most inspiring writing i have ever read. its so funny how we can connect with a person and not even have met them. i lazed around outside in a sunflower field and read these diaries over and over.......i thought i was going to cry when i read the last one...don't stop writing- i need more!

The diaries are inspiring and I feel show the power of youth and beauty and brains. Out in the open and honest is liberal, she has nothing to hide like a lot of people I know. She is a skilled writer and I go along w/the consensus that a better movie than "Almost Famous" could be made from the diaries. A woman's view would be great. I miss the 70's and the way it was even though I was in my teens.  The openness that is missing now in today's packaged product music. It was too cool. Thanks Morgana

I saw that 'infamous groupie' photo in Stephen Davis's Hammer of the Gods and always wondered who the girls were (besides Lori and Sable, because they tell you that in the book.) I've heard accounts from people like Miss Pamela and Cynthia Plaster Caster and it's so interesting to read about how much the scene changed in just a few years. You are a fine writer and I enjoy your voice a lot. I love hearing about the groupie heyday and I really admire how you manage to come across in your writings, insightful and warm. I love Pamela Des Barres' writings also and I don't wish to criticize her at all, but she does tend to gloss over some of the seedier sides that must surely have been there. You handle them with a terrific approach, without overdoing it for shock value and sharing your thoughts about it all. Thanks for sharing your stories with us. It's great to finally know who the pretty blonde girl in the middle is!

I was totally enthralled. Read them all in one sitting. It is now dawn. I look forward to more. It was especially interesting hearing about stories involving some of my friends and acquaintances from the past. I was relieved that my husband's name never came up, though!


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Two photos of Roy Harper & Morgana taken by Robert Plant are in this beautiful book - The Passions Of Great Fortune  - The Songs Explored by Roy Harper. A must have book for your collection!

Morgana's memoirs are featured in the book
Laurel Canyon by Michael Walker.




Hollywood Diaries are the true, intimate, and sometimes disturbing diaries of Morgana Welch.  They begin in 1971 and mark the beginning of a young girls search for reality and her sense of self.  Her path begins in a section of society that was anything but normal, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  The diaries reflect a way of life that would afford Morgana the pleasure (and pain) of hanging out with the Rock 'n' Roll world. 

Some of the people in Hollywood Diaries are still around, some are no longer on the planet, some disappeared for good, and some in amazing ways reappear from time to time in her life. 

The diaries are published as a tribute
to the era of sex, drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll
...and surviving the wonderful, crazy times!


In 1971, Morgana made her way to the Sunset Strip in the dwindling days of wall-to-wall street life of hippies, artists, and rockers.  Hollywood Diaries revisits the world before cell phones, you-tube, and myspace when you had to be at the center of the rock-and-roll vortex.  Morgana made The Rainbow Bar and Grill and Whisky a Go Go her home away from home, not to mention the infamous Continental Hyatt House.   

Take a step into the world where music reigns supreme, and an open mind is a pre-requisite.  The diaries are published to document the 1970s, and the social culture of Hollywood.  Long live rock and roll...  


Entry 14

Spring / Summer 1973

Tyla and I got home very early in the morning after the crazy night at Rodney’s and the Rainbow with Led Zeppelin. We were still high from all the fun. Before we went home, we stopped for breakfast at Dino’s on the Strip. I love sitting there watching the sun start to rise while eating their great omelets after a long night. 

We slept until 11:00 a.m. when we decided it would be much better to sleep at the Hyatt House pool. The Hyatt House pool is our favorite daytime hangout. At the pool, we can order drinks and food from room service, pay by cash, and are never asked for IDs, let alone room ID. It was a great place to lunch, get a tan, have a drink, and band watch!

We ordered a couple of Heinekens and were on our way to some fun when a guy who was checking us out finally came over. He was Dewey Martin, the drummer from Buffalo Springfield. We told him we were going to have the best day imaginable. He wanted to hang out with us. I had an idea to go home and bring back some drinks so we wouldn’t have to spend any more cash. Our friend has stocked our cupboards with lots of booze. He thinks that if he gets us drunk enough, he’ll have a better chance of getting laid. Funny. Dewey Martin walked with me the three blocks down the Strip to our apartment. We put together a giant Tequila Sunrise in a gallon juice bottle. We laughed the entire time we were making the colossal drink. Dewey Martin is really funny and very animated. We hid the bottle in my oversized purse and walked back to the Hyatt to kick off our little party at the rooftop pool.

By midday, the Led Zeppelin crew started trickling to the pool. Unfortunately, the first to arrive was Richard Cole and his roadie entourage. I cringed. He was notorious for being abusive and his current display affirmed any rumor. Soon, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were poolside, along with Roy Harper. Then the crazy time began. Richard Cole alerted his crew to begin the circus performance, I suppose, for the amusement of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. It was to be an attack on the girls, the easy targets for fun and games. We watched the Zeppelin crew drag girls and each other to the pool, and in they went. Dewey took a stance with us when we were eyeballed as the next in line. Tyla and I managed to evade any violation of persons. In fact, the three of us set our sights on the big game, Robert and Jimmy. We agreed that they had to go into the pool. They were enjoying the performance of Cole and his crew too much. The three of us grabbed Robert Plant as he pleaded with us not to throw him in; his excuse was it would ruin his new snakeskin boots. But as we witnessed for nearly an hour, all pleas were disregarded. We threw him in. Jimmy Page was next. He desperately pleaded with us, but with a wet Robert Plant as inspiration, in Jimmy Page went. During the crazy pool party, I started talking to Roy Harper. He mentioned our whip-inspired conversation at the Rainbow, and that began our flirtation. Soon after, I went with him to his room, as was the style at the Hyatt House.

If a cash transaction were taking place, the Hyatt would be labeled a bordello. You meet the guys in the coffee shop or in the lobby or, like today, at the pool, and then you go to their room and have sex with them. The Hyatt management does not mind that we hang out like we do. In fact, they must think it is good for business. It is the life of a groupie to hang out at this hotel. How else are you going to meet your favorite rock star?

There is a progression from the ‘60s sexual revolution that found expression in the rock-and-roll world. This world that girls like us live in is unique to any other world or reality. Rock and roll, sex, and parties go hand in hand. For us it is a cultural statement of going after what you want. It is quite a lesson in assertiveness, will, and seduction. It is also the result of being seduced by the musicians and media themselves. It is a very tight web, for without the lusting girls, rock and roll would have fizzled out. Rock and roll, by its very expression, stimulates sexual projection. Why not use it and go with the passion?

I found Roy Harper very nice. I cut my teenage teeth on Led Zeppelin and their music. Now I had the man whose name was used in the title of one of their songs in bed. We were having quite a nice sexual escapade when there was a loud commotion at his hotel room door. I was hoping they would leave us alone. A few seconds later, there was a thud on the door, not from a fist pounding, more like several hundred pounds crashing at the door. Then another thunderous noise as the door came flying open. In less than a second, the room was filled with several people, including Robert Plant, Richard Cole, John Bonham, Mick (a roadie for John Bonham), and several girls. Robert Plant grabbed Roy Harper's camera and began to take photos. I got up quickly, found my clothes, and dressed, pissed off and feeling weird. I went home soon after. This is what I understand as a joke the band members play on each other, or it could have been revenge for what took place at the pool. I guess at some point, there will be several pictures out there to record the incident.

There was a Led Zeppelin concert at the Forum that evening. I went home to primp for the evening. I heard the DJ on the radio said the concert was canceled. He said Jimmy Page had hurt his hand from climbing a fence. Tyla and I looked at each other and knew that had to be some kind of public relations bullshit, and so did a handful of others who were privy to the pool party. I am guessing that Jimmy Page hurt his hand on the way into the pool. We felt awful, and we giggled at the same time. We found alternate plans for the evening since the mood at the Zeppelin camp was probably a bit grim.

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