Secrets of a
1970's Hollywood

These are the true, intimate, and sometimes disturbing diaries of Morgana Welch.  They begin in 1971 and mark the beginning of a young girls search for reality and her sense of self.  Her path begins in a section of society that was anything but normal, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  The diaries reflect a way of life that would afford Morgana the pleasure (and pain) of hanging out with the
Rock 'n' Roll world. 

Some of the people in Hollywood Diaries are still around, some are no longer on the planet, some disappeared for good, and some in amazing ways reappear from
time to time in her life. 

The diaries are published as a tribute
to the era of sex, drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll
...and surviving the wonderful, crazy times!


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Copyright 1971-2015 Morgana Welch