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Entry 1 -
Meet Morgana.  She tells of life at Beverly Hills High School and checks out a bookstore.

Entry 2Morgana goes to the Troubadour and has her first encounter with a musician and hangs out on the Sunset Strip.

Entry 3Morgana goes to the world famous Whisky A Go-Go and meets Randy California with the band Spirit.

Entry 4 - Morgana goes to a big rock n roll bash at Musicians Contact Service and is presented as a gift to Rodney Bingenheimer.

Entry 5 - Morgana's hangs out with best friend and Randy California has weird night with Spirit's roadie, Mark.

Entry 6 - Morgana meets Al Kooper and hangs out at the Record Plant. Meets the band Groundshaker and Chuck Ruff with the Edgar Winter Band.

Entry 7 - Morgana meets new best friend Tyla.  Has strange encounter with freaky guy Lou.

Entry 8 - Morgana meets Gerhard with the band Shady Lady, meets Jan and Bill Lordan, and meets Chris Jagger...whew!

Entry 9 - The Rainbow Bar & Grill opens, Morgana meets Robert Failla of Rainbow Photography, and she sees her first Led Zeppelin concert.

Entry 10 - Morgana meets Bruce McCauley and Kendall Pacios, meets Alice Cooper and goes to the Hollywood Bowl, and meets John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin...another wild adventure!

Entry 11 - Morgana goes to an Edgar Winter concert, and she hangs out with Ten Years After.

Entry 12 - Morgana has weird night at restaurant, meets again with Chris Jagger, and moves in with Jan and Bill Lordan and Willie Weeks.

Entry 13 - Morgana gets back into modeling, hangs out with Led Zeppelin and gets her pic taken, has kinky conversation with Jimmy Page and Roy Harper.

Entry 14 - Morgana participates in wild pool party with Dewey Martin of Buffalo Springfield, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, and various Zeppelin crew, and takes her hat off for Roy Harper.

Entry 15 - Morgana hangs out with Roy Harper, meets Marc Bolan and Steve Currie of T-Rex, hangs out with Led Zeppelin, and has fun time with Tyla, Robert Plant and Roy Harper.

Entry 16Morgana meets the Pretty Things and travels to Atlanta.

Entry 17Morgana travels to Memphis and lives through several nights of hell.

Entry 18 - Morgana heats up the Gypsy recording session, she goes to San Francisco to Sly Stone's home.

Entry 19 - Morgana tells of a couple of Hollywood weirdo's, she gets raped by Teddy Rooney.

Entry 20 - Morgana takes acid, grooves on new artist Robin Trower's album with Bill Lordan, instigates sordid parties, and goes to Santa Barbara to see The Faces with Rod Stewart.

Entry 20a - Vicki from Memphis comes back to LA with a husband, Ron Berg, drummer for Savoy Brown.   Jeff Beck plays at the Hollywood Palladium.

Entry 21 - Morgana takes up witchcraft, again, hangs out with Tower of Power, goes to Palm Springs with Elmer Valentine and meets Steve McQueen.  Has fun with cross dressing friend who hits on Roger Daltry of the Who, and...meets the notorious Beverly Hills Madam, Alex Fleming.

Entry 22Morgana gets busted and moves to Oregon, goes to Phoenix to see Randy California and Spirit, goes to Seattle, and returns to LA.

Entry 23 - Morgana returns to Hollywood and moves in with luscious boyfriend Tommy.   Wild party captured on film by Andy Warhol's crew.

Entry 24 - Morgana goes to Las Vegas and is kidnapped, major bummer!

Entry 25 - Morgana turns 18 (wooo hooo) and celebrates the occasion with a week long party with Johnny Winter.

Entry 26 - Morgana makes a career decision.  Phase two of Hollywood education.

Entry 27 - Morgana has a wake up call to the reality of a woman's place in the business world, and an introduction to John Lennon.

Entry 28 - Morgana hangs out at Dress Revue, reminisces about band Groundshaker. Has an invitation to entertain John Lennon, Keith Moon, Ringo, and Harry Nillson.

Entry 29 - Morgana goes to opening of new studio - Mars in Hollywood, meets the Jeff Beck look alike.

Entry 30 - Morgana meets Rustee Allen, Barbara the Butter Queen and Bill Lordan gets gig with Robin Trower.

Entry 31 - Morgana moves to Dallas, hangs out with the Butter Queen, moves back to Hollywood. 

Entry 32 - Led Zeppelin is back in town for 1975 tour.  Meet Billy, driver of John Bonham's motorhome, party with John Bonham, move to Santa Monica.

Entry 33 - Led Zeppelin is still in Los Angeles.  Morgana and Robin party with the Pretty Things.  Morgana enjoys life in Santa Monica and magic at the sea.

Entry 34 -  Morgana visits with Joe Cocker's in his Malibu home.  Visit's slave guy Lou at his home.  Sun tanning adventures in Los Angeles.

Entry 35 - Morgana moves back to Hollywood, has mushroom trip at Coral Canyon, meets Rod Stewart at KMET.

Entry 36 - Images of the "Scarlet Woman" trickle into Morgana's consciousness, she meets Paul Frank with the band Fresh Start.

Entry 37 -  Morgana parties with Johnny Winter, gives recording studio proposal to Peter Grant,  washes John Bonham's hair.

Entry 38 -  Morgana  celebrates the holidays with Hovig, the "Butter Queen", and various friends, smiles at the "hollyweed" sign, and begins 1976.

Entry 39 -  Morgana finds herself in another nefarious situation and goes to new Hollywood party spot.

Entry 40 -  Morgana hangs out with The Pretty Things, Johnny Winter, and meet Dr. Jerry Buss.

Entry 41 - Another move, this time to the Franklin Towers apartments.  A fun trip to Reno.

Entry 42 - Big birthday party for Rusty.  Night at the Record Plant's rack room and a marriage proposal.

Entry 43 - Morgana accepts marriage proposal, moves to Argyle, gets scolded for dancing to Van Halen.

Entry 44 -  Wedding bell blues.

Entry 45 - Third phase of Hollywood education.  The down side of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.

Entry 46 -  Morgana gives birth, more violent times.

Entry 47 - Morgana makes plans to leave her marriage, work's in Peter Knecht's office, meets up with Randy California, and gives a tattoo.

Entry 48 - Divorce, new job, Dawn Hillman, Mitch Mitchell, Kim Gardner, life changes.

Entry 49 - Morgana restarts her life, John Bonham dies, Morgana moves to Dallas.

Entry 50 -  The beginning of the end.  John Lennon's death, MTV, the Terry Reid encounter, Robert gets in motorcycle accident.

Entry 51 Before Morgana departs Hollywood she catches a John Waite concert and Poison at Troubadour ( the charismatic Rikki Rockett catches her eye).


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